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Let’s go Fishing and Grill on a Yacht in Dubai – 3 Hours

Dubai, UAE

3 Hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

15 people




Good news for the fans of outdoor activities. Let’s go Fishing on a beautiful yacht, Grill it and eat it onboard a Yacht in Dubai
This a fun shared fishing tours on beautiful yacht with like minded people.  🙂

We operate starting 10 am until 6 pm

This fishing tour would be a 3-4 hours tour starting from Dubai Marina, timing of this tour will depending on the availability of the Yacht , so let’s plan it.

Please note that you eat fish only if u catch fish 🙂 , We give, yacht, fishing equipment, grill, water, soft drinks etc but catching the fish is on you 🙂 if no fish caught there will be no food but u can still enjoy the long calming yacht experience 🙂 also please note that this tour is not good for those who have sea motion sickness.

Please don’t forget to bring your passport or ID and any spices that you like for your fish 🙂 We also recommend bringing some sauce , drinks or bread if you want, bring swimwear and a towel if you want to swim too 🙂

Other things to note:

*Minimum booking of 2 or more persons required for this experience, if you are only one, please ask us before booking..
*Please bring ID or Passport and other items of your use
*This is a 3-4 hours shared tour small group of usually we have around 10 people or less. Opening hours are 10 am – 6 pm

For help:



  • Let's go Fishing and Grill on a Yacht in Dubai - 3 Hours Fun Experience


We will meet you at the starting point and will bring to the Yacht and we will start the fishing tour. Time will be as per the availability of the yacht


  • Yacht ride in Dubai.
  • Water and Soft Drinks etc.
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Grill
  • Purchases/ Gifts / Additional Services (Please ask before accepting anything if it's free)
  • Food and Beverages (If you catch fish, you'll have grilled fish, if no catch, no food :)

Tour's Location

Dubai, UAE


When and where does the experience start and end?

It's yacht ride with fishing experience that usually starts and ends in Dubai Marina. We'll give you a nice yacht as per the availability, so request you to be a bit flexible with time. We'll ask you if the time is ok for you before assigning the yacht after booking.

Do you offer alcohol or shisha?

No, we do not offer alcohol (however you can bring your own) and shisha is not allowed on the yacht by law.

What if we are a group larger than 15 people?

We do have larger yachts for larger groups, please contact us at or send us a message and we'll assist you in booking.

Can we swim while on this experience?

Yes, swimming is allowed but please bring your own towel etc.

I booked earlier, but now my friends want to join, can they?

Yes, you can make booking for them and inform us so that we can assign all of you together on the same yacht.


Based on 13 reviews
Very Good
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Khloe Kay
We had the best time, Caught a lot of fish and the staff was very generous and had a fun time.
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Julia Nolan
Definitely the best fishing and happy trip. The crew was great and taught us how to find fish.
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Delilah Jamieson
Yummy and fun experience, We really enjoyed our trip and the fishing experience was great!
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Lydia Riess
An exciting experience, everything we did ahead of time and cooked us a great meal after catching some fish! Highly recommended!
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Pang Lisa

Love the service!

first fishing trip and the crew on the boat made it super satisfying. Love the service, and crew and appreciate the experience.
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Jahmai Jones
What a fabulous day with great friends. The captain and crew were superb! Would recommend and do it again!
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Rimenez Sagaz
My best fishing trip ever, Experienced captain and team. Any time I will go fishing with these guys, I strongly recommend it.
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Gael Celis
The service was very good, we had a very nice time on the yacht.
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Larry Hines
An awesome fishing trip, The crew has a great knowledge of fishing in the area. I love it!
Fishing, Grill and Yacht in Dubai
Briar Stewart

One of the best experience

One of the best experience you will have in Dubai. But nowadays morning or evening fishing trip is suitable because the weather is so hot. Recommended
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