per Unlimited

  • Free Tours Ads : 20
  • Free Tickets Ads: 20
  • Exploreen Support
  • Featured Tours : 0
  • Featured Tickets: 0
CAD 280

per 365 days

  • Free Tours Ads : 40
  • Free Tickets Ads: 40
  • Exploreen Support
  • Featured Tours : 0
  • Featured Tickets: 0
CAD 700

per 365 days

  • Free Tours Ads : 60
  • Free Tickets Ads: 60
  • Exploreen Support
  • Featured Tours : 1
  • Featured Tickets: 1

Frequently asked questions

How will I receive my payment?

We send automated monthly payouts. But if you want to withdraw weekly, you can do it from your portal. We work like a bank account and you can withdraw any time.

Can I decide not to host any day?

We promote freedom, you choose when you want to host and when you want to take days off. Please ensure to set it up in your calendar in advance, because canceling any experience after someone has booked it may have penalties as it negatively affects the customer’s schedule who has made plans to attend your experience.

How do I list my experiences?

You can start to add tours, activities & tickets from your hosting portal.

What if I cancel bookings as a host?

If you have an emergency or the weather conditions are dangerous or make it impossible to host, you may cancel without penalties and we’ll send full refund to your guest.